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Type CG 1200

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Common Battery Table Telephone

Table Telephone
PEDESTAL. Black enamelled, with mottled bronze metal fittings.

TRANSMITTER. RC 171, on adjustable arm RC 640, with two single cords RS

RECEIVER. RD 610, suspended on a detachable hook-switch, with 2-way cord

TERMINAL BLOCK, with flexible cable RS 5400.

Overall dimensions
Height 12.0 inches.
Base diameter 5.3
Depth 4.00

Weight 4.75 lbs.

Bell Case
FRAMEWORK, polished walnut, with mottled bronze fittings.
CONDENSER of two microfarad capacity. RS 4002.
RINGER of 1,000 ohms resistance, with 3500. two 5-inch gongs.

Overall dimensions
Height 9.50 inches
Width 6.75

Weight 4.7 lbs.

This telephone can be supplied with fittings finished nickel-plated, at an extra cost.

Used by the GPO as their Telephone No. 2 from 1906.

Introduced around 1904.

Taken from the Ericsson Telephone Catalogue 1912

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