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Type CG 400

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Common Battery Table Telephone

CG 400, "induction coil" pattern with permanent magnet receiver.  Used on Ericsson CB systems.

CG 400A, "Electromagnet" pattern with current polarised receiver.  Used on CB systems.

FRAMEWORK, made entirely of enamelled steel.

MICRO-TELEPHONE. RE 1005, resting on a cradle-switch, with cord RS 6010, flexible cable RS 5200 (Old No. 2292), with 3-way plug and a terminal block of steel, in which the line terminals are enclosed.

CONDENSER, with a capacity of two microfarads.

RINGER. 1,000 ohms resistance.

Overall dimensions:- 10.25 x 7.20 x 4.80 inches.

Weight 6.4 lbs.

Taken from the Ericsson Telephone Catalogue 1912

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Last revised: October 01, 2019