DE 400
Automatic extension wall telephone
Small model without bell.

This telephone is designed for use with types DE and should be placed where the signals on the main telephone may be heard by the person using the extension telephone. Conversation may be carried on in the same manner from either telephone. Calls from one telephone cannot be overheard on the other.

dial RG 112, dial cord RS 5062, condenser RI 260, 1 uF, microtelephone RE 4031 of black bakelite with removable capsule transmitter RC 4000/200, 200 ohm, and cord RS 5080, case of black enamelled sheet iron.

height 160 mm, width 115 mm, weight 1.8 kg. The dimensions refer to the back plate of the telephone.

Taken from the L. M. Ericsson Telephones and Signalling Material Catalogue No. 188 (1934)


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Last revised: August 06, 2002