TELEPHONE No. N1003 - N1007& N1009

Automatic Telephones

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N 1003 N 1005

These telephones are for providing economically various extension schemes without the use of separate switches or switchboards.

They are arranged to accommodate key units having from one to nine spring sets of the make-before-break change-over type, i.e., "K" combination. The spring sets are operated by push buttons, and are illustrated below.

For a simple extension or for recalling a P.B.X. operator the instrument N1003 type has a key unit with one set of K springs.

For other extension schemes the key units have a number of K spring sets, the standards being for 4 and 9 sets. The push buttons on a telephone with a 4K spring set operate respectively (left to right) 2K - 1K - 1K spring sets, while with a 9K set, 4K - 1K - 4K are operated.

Each contact spring is wired to a separate terminal so that the scheme in hand may be readily connected up.

On the 4K and 9K key units there is a mechanism which can be varied to control the non-lock or locking of the two outer keys, the centre key being non-locking. There is also supplied with each of these key units a T piece which is fixed to the cradle lever when the extension plan necessitates the release of a key on replacement of the micro-telephone.

Instruments are also available with battery bells so that plans to suit almost any requirement can be arranged.

The telephones are normally produced in black, but if specially ordered, they can be supplied in Chinese Red, Ivory or Jade Green. They can also be obtained without the instruction tray and directory pad fitment.

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N 20629 N 20630 N 20631
1 K Key Unit 9K Key Unit Mounted 4K Key Unit

For telephones with two or three push buttons the key unit required must be stated.

In the case of plans requiring only two push buttons, chromium finished dummies can be supplied for the third hole.

The terminal blocks, cords and labels vary according to the plan required, so that full details regarding the scheme to be operated should be supplied when ordering.

Circuit diagrams of various plans can be supplied on request.

Overall dimensions 9.25 x 8.5 x 6 inches.

Maximum weight 6 lb. 8 oz.

The instruments in the table below are complete with instruction tray fitment.

Code No.   Description GPO No.
N1003A   Bakelite, non-director dial, magneto bell, 1 K key unit and button.
N1004A Black Bakelite, non-director dial, magneto bell, two buttons.
N1005A   Bakelite, non-director dial, magneto bell, three buttons, (key unit to be stated).
N1005HI4T Enquiry Line - Recall Operator - Normal. buttons
N1006A   Black Bakelite, non-director dial, DC battery bell, no buttons or keys.
N1007A   Bakelite, non-director dial, DC battery bell, 1 K key unit and button.
N1009A   Black or Ivory Bakelite, non-director dial, DC battery bell, three buttons.
N1003B20 Black Bakelite, 1 button, 4 way cord 330F mk2A
N1003B21 Black Bakelite, 1 button, 5 way cord 310F mk2A
N1003H16 LB telephone used on Simplex Dialling System (NZ Model H1170)  
N1003M20 Black Bakelite, 1 button, 4 way cord 330L mk2A
N1003M Black Bakelite, 1 button, director dial 330L
N1003M1 Black Bakelite, 1 button 310
N1003B Black Bakelite, 1 button, non director dial 330F

Many variations were made for the world and home markets.

N1003 introduced around 1938.

The `A' variant had rollers on the gravity switchooks, whilst the `B' variant onwards had a flat plate to operate the switchooks.

See N1366 for CB types

Note - Wall telephones for Plan Number working can also be supplied.

Taken from the Ericsson catalogue, edition No. 49

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