Certificate: IS 1086 (Methane)

n1094a.jpg (11550 bytes)This telephone is approved for use in the P.A.B.X. and Mines Auto/Magneto Party Line System. It is used on magneto code ringing party lines (up to 4 instruments per party line) connected via an auto/magneto link unit and a code ringing delay unit to the P.A.B.X.

The instrument is grey enamelled and its construction is similar to that of the auto telephones N1091/N1092.

It is equipped with a hand generator for code ringing.

An extension on the same magneto party line is called by short code rings.

Calls to auto extensions are made by first using the hand generator to give a long ring to seize the automatic equipment, then dialling the auto number required.

Access to public exchange lines, to private lines to other collieries, etc., in the area, or to manual extensions in the colliery, are obtained by dialling a single digit to call the P.A.B.X. switchboard operator, and stating the requirement.

In colleries having an emergency control scheme, the emergency reporting point can be dialled direct.

P.V.C. insulation is provided on all connecting wires.

As power is obtained from the 24 volt central battery serving the link unit, no cells are necessary in this telephone.

The terminal chamber contains three screw terminals to allow for the connection of an extension bell if required. The chamber has three cable entries; two fitted with glands for s.w.a. cable, the other covered by a metal plate.

Specify the Type No. If an extension bell and an extra cable gland are required, these should be ordered.

Type No. N1094A - Auto /Magneto Party

Weight 64lbs. (29.06kg.)

Taken from the Ericsson Catalogue No. 60
Also in the Plessey Telecommunications Publication No. 7083 (4/69)

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Last revised: October 02, 2019