Battery Ringing Wall Telephones

n1130.jpg (8087 bytes)Suitable for works, offices, shops, hotels, mansions, etc.

The framework and fittings are made and finished in the same superior manner as our other products for large installations.

These sets are equally suitable for single line and earth, or metallic circuits.

Three cells, joined in series, fitted at each station, are generally sufficient for supplying operating current, and three wires between each telephone and set of cells.  One wire is connected to the "zinc" end of the battery, the second wire to the carbon terminal of the middle cell for speaking current and the third wire to the carbon terminal of the third cell for signalling current.

For very long lines, an additional cell would be required for the signalling circuit. The third wire would then be connected to the carbon terminal of this cell.

Micro-telephone N5801
Cord N4000
Induction coil
Hook switch
Push button for signalling

Overall dimensions 11.25 x 7.25 X 3.5 inches
Weight 3.5 lb.

NOTE - It is sometimes desired to have an intermediate and two extension telephones.
For this purpose extension switch N7550 should be fitted near the intermediate telephone this switch will work with any of our battery ringing telephones.

N1030A was fitted with a Bakelite handset and was introduced around 1933.

Taken from the Ericsson Telephone Catalogue, edition No. 26

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Last revised: October 02, 2019