TELEPHONE No's N1149 & N1150

Battery Ringing


Mining Wall Telephone
Certificates: T/TEL/11 (Methane)

n1150.jpg (14389 bytes)Suitable for use in mines, ships, engine rooms, railway yards or any exposed positions.

Enamelled cast iron case with wide rnachined flange joint between body and front to render the instrument flame-proof, the joint being suitably packed to make it watertight.

The receiver, fitted within the case, is of the "loud speaker" type, having a flexible metallic listening tube with earpiece.

The transmitter is of the interchangeable "inset" type protected by moisture-proof shield and metal grid.

The induction coil, switch and connecting terminals are mounted on ebonite.

The switch, which is very substantially designed, has three positions:- "normal", "ring", and "speak".

The screws in the connecting terminals are specially large and very accessible.

All coils are treated to prevent the detrimental and corrosive effects of moisture and gases, etc., and the internal connections are made with special, heavily-insulated stout wire.

The instrument is designed for use with separate bell, or relay and bell, also external speaking and ringing battery, for which see "Accessories and Parts Section".

Overall dimensions 9 x 9 x 6 inches
Weight 20 lb.

Taken from the Ericsson catalogue, edition 26

Both introduced circa 1931.



General use Wall Telephone

The model N1149 is available for use in exposed areas free from dangerous atmosphere.  These telephones are available for general use or for use on long lines, the later having a relay mounted under a separate cover screwed to the top edge of the case.

The N1149 telephone is not to be used in areas of risk.

Code No. Description Supplied to Weight lbs.
N1149 For general use (without relay) 22.25
N1149A For general long line use (with relay) LMS Railway Co. 23
N1150 Was model No. WIEA 20.5
N1150X S.T & C
N1150Z GEC


Taken from the Ericsson catalogue, edition No. 55 & 60

Additional Pictures



N1149A (Relay Model) - Front view
Relay compartment is fixed to top of case


N1149A (Relay Model) - Case inverted to show relay container


N1149A (Relay Model) - Case open


N1149A (Relay Model) - Relay exposed


N1149A (Relay Model) - Back plate


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