TELEPHONE No's N1620 - N1627

Intercommunication Telephones
Auto-Reset, Push Button Selector, Single Line,
Central Battery
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N1622A   N1626A

Push button instruments are extremely convenient to operate because the desired station is rung by simply taking up the micro-telephone and pressing the selector button, of the line wanted, to its full extent.

The called station has only to take up the micro-telephone to reply.

A selector button having been pressed is retained in an intermediate position to give the correct circuit arrangement and is automatically restored to normal by replacing the micro-telephone or by pressing the button of another station with which communication is desired. It is therefore unnecessary to replace the microtelephone before calling another station.

When ringing a station: if a buzzing noise is heard in the receiver it indicates line "DISENGAGED," while silence indicates line "ENGAGED."

This instrument has a case of drawn steel finished with a durable black enamel arid relieved by nickel-plated fittings.

The buttons are mounted in units of five, which are readily removed for examination or repair.

The moulded Bakelite micro-telephone, fitted with an electromagnetic receiver and an "inset" transmitter, provides a modern refinement.

   TABLE SETS                  WALL SETS
Code No.   No. of lines Weight lbs.   Code No.   No. of lines Weight lbs.
N1620A   5   7   N1624A   5   6.25
N1621A   10   7.5   N1625A   10 6.5
N1622A   15   8   N1626A 15 6.75
N1623A 20   8.5   N1627A 20 7
Overall dimensions: 7.5 x 9 x 8.5 inches.                    Overall dimensions: 10.5 x 9 x 5 inches.

 Although this type of instrument is supplied as table and wall sets they are "one type sets" being easily converted from one to the other by altering the position of the cradle and changing the back fittings.

Table sets are fitted with feet which give the instrument a slight forward slope so that the button designations are more readily seen. Calls are indicated by means of a buzzer fitted inside the case.

A diagram showing the method of connecting up the instruments, call and reply sets, junction boxes, cables and batteries, is supplied.


Speaking Battery Ringing Battery Maximum distance between stations
4 3 500 ft
5 4 1200 ft
6 4 2000ft

Taken from the Ericsson catalogue, edition 26, supplement 1932

First introduced in 1929 - superseded by N1636 & N1637

Schematic diagram N16275

N1622 - early issue N1626 - early issue
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