TELEPHONE No's N1630 - N1635

C.B. Telephones
N1630 - N1635

Large organizations with many ramifications should undoubtedly have some rapid means of locating important personages whose duties may take them into all parts of the building or factory.  An ideally convenient method can readily be incorporated into the telephone system.

The instruments are very similar to those used for our standard inter-communication system, but are fitted with two special push buttons marked 'Person Finder' and 'Reply', the former being also distinguished by a red cap.

In addition to the person finder equipment full intercommunication facilities are provided between the offices in a building up to a maximum of 15.

To operate the finder system, important personages are assigned call codes, which are sent out when required, by pressing the person finder button the requisite number of times and duration.  This causes a number of klaxon horns or high frequency buzzers, fitted in various parts of the building, to be operated from the mains supply.  A person hearing his code-call proceeds to the nearest telephone, removes the micro-telephone and presses the reply button and is thereby connected to the calling party.

An important feature of this system is that the buzzers can be used for other purposes, such as fire alarm, time signals, etc.

Table Set: 7.5 x 9.25 x 8.5 inches.
Wall Set: 10.5 x 9.25 x 5 inches.

Code No. Type No. of Lines
N 1630 Table 5
N 1631 Table 10
N 1632 Table 15
N 1633 Wall 5
N 1634 Wall 10
N 1635 Wall 15

Taken from the Ericsson (ETL) Telephone Catalogue, edition No. 49


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Last revised: September 24, 2022