n1747b.jpg (18062 bytes)The loudspeaker telephone is designed for the convenience of busy executives who need freedom of movement in order to consult references or make notes during telephone conversations, as the only action necessary to originate or answer a call is the operation of the lever key associated with the line concerned. Thus communication is established in the minimum of time. (Type N1747B3 shown to the right).

An incoming call causes the name or number of the caller to be illumined in the designation strip below the keys, and operates a buzzer in the instrument.

The integral loudspeaker is satisfactory for offices of average size. For large or noisy offices a modern transistorised amplifier can be incorporated.

The handset is used when privacy is desired, in which case the loudspeaker is automatically cut out. When two master stations are in communication, one of them must use the handset.

The matt polished hardwood case tones with the chocolate-bronze of the plastic grill and the key mounting. Green key handles and a polished black strip below the grill add distinction to the set. In the centre of the grill is a red Engaged lamp. The key and lamp mounting is removable from the front. Other parts arc accessible from the rear.

A cord connects the instrument to a desk terminal block.

On N1747B1 and N1747B2 the five keys on the extreme right are replaced by moulded plates. The key for the second master station line on the N1747B2 and N1747B4 instruments is on the left and has a red handle.

Two 6 volt batteries of dry or inert cells per master station are necessary for speech and ringing current. These are additional to the cells for the side stations and are supplied only when ordered. Alternatively a battery eliminator may be used for the side stations if a.c. supply is available.

The associated side station telephones, N1732/33 intercom. type and N1595A call and reply type, either or both of which may be used in one installation. Call and reply sets may be connected to one or both master stations.

For a complete installation, junction boxes, cells with boxes and cable are supplied.

The sizes of cables used depend upon the requirements of the particular system. A price per yard (914 mm.) of cable of the appropriate sizes for the job is usually given.

Type No.   For system   Dimensions (packed)   weight lb. kg.
N1747B1   9 + 1 master   20 in. x 16 in. x 14 in. (508 x 406 x 356 mm.) 20 (9.07)
N1747B2   8+2 master   20 in. x 16 in. x 14 in. (508 x 406 x 356 mm.) 20 (9.07)
N1747B3   14+1 master   20 in. x 16 in. x 14 in. (508 x 406 x 356 mm.) 20 (9.07)
N1747B4   13+2 master   20 in. x 16 in. x 14 in. (508 x 406 x 356 mm.) 20 (9.07)

n1747a1.jpg (14518 bytes)

N1747A1 shown right
Taken from the Ericsson catalogue No. 55

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