TELEPHONE No's N1980 & N1981

n1980.jpg (8870 bytes)TABLE TELEPHONE

Table version of the ETELUX telephone.  The phone could be ordered with an internal lamp which would illuminate the dial.  The lamp was powered by a small power supply.

Auto or CB.

Introduced in 1962.

The model N1981 has a button which can be locking or non-locking (type would have had to be specified at time of ordering).

Alice Blue
Rose Grey
Light Ivory
Aqua jade
Dusty Pink

ETL Etelux

Primarily for export and PAX use Ericsson developed a compact telephone called the Etelux. It had the standard handset lying 'vertically' across the dial, which could be illuminated (thus making it a luxury phone!).  The base had rubber ‘matting’ to discourage the phone from slipping when dialling (something sadly missing on the Trimphone) and the handset cord was sheathed in clear plastic (which yellows rather badly with age).

The Etelux was offered by Hull Corporation from 1963 as the phone for ‘My Lady’s Boudoir’. The design saw little use elsewhere and must be considered rare now.

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Last revised: June 08, 2020