C.B. Switchboards
N 203B

n203b.jpg (8641 bytes)This switchboard is designed to occupy small space and although it stands on the floor it should be installed where it can be fastened to the wall or to supports from the wall.

The woodwork is matt polished and the front is hinged so that access to the interior is facilitated.

The extension indicators, N4755M, are the self-restoring totally enclosed type mounted in sets of five, and the circuit is so arranged that these indicators also give positive supervision.

The exchange lines are fitted with totally enclosed, push-button-restored indicators, N4781, and facilities are provided for holding exchange lines.

A Bakelite micro-telephone and an "alnico" generator are fitted, also an alarm which operates when any indicator is actuated, and night switching keys so that the exchange lines may be put through at night to any of the extension telephones.

Extension line and cord circuit relays are N20379 type (P.O. 500).

This switchboard can be supplied partially equipped, but wired for the full capacity.
It can also be supplied without exchange lines for private installations. For automatic working a dial is fitted.

Code No.   Extn lines   Exch Lines   Cord Ccts   Dimensions ins   Weight lbs.
N203B   20   5   10   53 x 18 x 20   150

Note - Facsimile boards but with drop indicators N4816D for the exchange lines and eyeball indicators N4798B for the extensions, i.e., P.O. pattern, can be supplied if desired.

Taken from the Ericsson Telephone Catalogue issue no. 49

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Last revised: October 12, 2019