SWITCHBOARD No's N240 & N 280

C. B. Floor Switchboards

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N 240   N 280

Where an ultimate equipment of more than 25 extension lines is anticipated, these switchboards are eminently suitable; also for small community public exchanges. They are the self-supporting floor pattern.

The woodwork is matt polished, and the external metal of the apparatus and fittings is finished durable black and copper bronze.

Totally enclosed indicators for the extension lines, and the same type mounted on the key shelf gives double negative supervision.

Standard, tubular, iron-sheathed drop indicators for the exchange lines.

Night extension switches, so that the exchange lines may be put through to the extension telephones for night calls.

Alarm bell, switch, hand generator and a jack for testing the cords.

An operator's set consisting of head receiver and breast transmitter is supplied with each switchboard.

NOTE - These switchboards can also be supplied for working to automatic systems.


Code No.   Extension Lines   Exchange Lines   Cord Ccts   Dimensions inches   Weight lb.
N240   50   10   15   55 x 24 x 31   330
N280   100   20   17   55 x 28 x 31   400

Partially equipped switchboards may be ordered, but wiring will be included for the ultimate capacities as above, so that additions may be readily made, as required, from time to time.

Taken from the Ericsson Telephone Catalogue issue no. 26

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Last revised: October 12, 2019