SWITCHBOARD No's N450 & N451

C.B.S. Floor Switchboards

n450.jpg (16070 bytes)This size of switchboard is eminently suitable where an ultimate of three operators' positions is anticipated.

It has capacity for 20 incoming junctions, 40 outgoing junctions, 10 miscellaneous circuits, 180 subscribers' lines and 200 multiple.

The local cable supplied and fitted is arranged for 10 incoming junctions, 20 outgoing junctions and 120 subscribers' lines, so that if wiring is required for a greater ultimate equipment, it must be specially ordered.

Space is provided on the keyboard for an automatic dial.

Part of the top panel (at the side) is removable, so as to provide cabling space when two or more sections are lined up. A cable rack for supporting the cables is also incorporated in the top panels.

N 450 shown pictured to the right.

Code No.   In junctions   out junctions   Subs Lines   Cord Ccts
N450   20   10   120   16
N451   20   10   60   14


Taken from the Ericsson catalogue, edition 26

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Last revised: October 12, 2019