Magneto Switchboards

N 536A shown pictured to the right.

n536a.jpg (14522 bytes)The cases of these switchboards are identical in size to those of the C.B. N 120/140 types shown in this catalogue, so that they may be utilised for future conversion.

Totally enclosed, push-button restored disc indicators, N 4780, are used and are also suitable for C.B. and C.B.S. exchange lines, moreover, with small modification the indicators can be adapted for the extension lines. The necessary additional central battery apparatus and ready-made local cables can be supplied for conversion to 2 + 4 or 3 + 9 type boards.

The hardwood casework has a hinged front and is matt polished and connections are made by means of lever keys.

Broad coloured lines extending across the rows of keys serve to indicate clearly the connections made and thereby minimise operating errors.

The equipment includes anti-side-tone induction coil, "alnico" generator and night alarm with cut-off key.

A Bakelite micro-telephone fitted with a press key for disconnecting the microphone battery is wired to terminals inside the board.

Code No.   No. of Lines   Connecting Ccts   Dimensions
N536   6   3   12 x 14 x 11
N536A   12   5   14 x 20 x 11

Taken from the Ericsson Telephone Catalogue issue no. 49

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Last revised: October 12, 2019