SWITCHBOARD No's N740 & N760

Magneto Floor Switchboards
Mechanically-Restored Indicators

N760 shown pictured to the right.

n760.jpg (14956 bytes)These switchboards are designed to give the greatest facilities in operation and prompt service obtainable with the magneto indicator system.

The line indicators and jacks are combined on small mounting plates and so arranged that the insertion of a plug into a jack automatically replaces the indicator to its normal position.

The clearing indicators are the hand-restored drop type and associated with each is a speaking and ringing key and a pair of cords with plugs for making the necessary connections.

Complete with generator, night bell, switch and micro-telephone.

The combined indicators and jacks are removable from the front of the switchboards, either individually or in units of five, so that with partially equipped boards extensions can be readily added.

These switchboards are made in two sizes for 50 and 100 lines capacity respectively, but partially equipped boards can be supplied. When additional capacity is required, another similar switchboard can be lined up alongside, as the top end mouldings are removable.

Code No.   Lines   Cord Circuits   Dimensions ins   Weight lb.
N740   50   10   52 X 20 X 27   170
N760   105   12   61 x 24 x 27   240

Taken from the Ericsson catalogue, edition 26

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Last revised: October 12, 2019