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PAX 50/200

Automatic Switchboards
PAX 50/200 Type

pax50200.jpg (39157 bytes)PAX 50/200 is our largest private automatic exchange constructed on the unit dustproof cabinet principle, and is recommended for adoption in establishments where it is known that the ultimate number of lines is unlikely to exceed 200. (If 200 lines will be considerably exceeded PAX. 2000 type should be initially installed).

The illustration shows a power panel and four 50-line units lined up to form a 200-line exchange. The operation is by register control and wiring and mounting facilities are provided for six connecting circuits per 50-line unit, the switches and relay sets being readily mounted in position according to traffic requirements. The exchange operates from 50 volts. This may be from a battery with automatic charging unit, as illustrated, or from a battery eliminator when a.c. supply is available.

The switches, relays and materials used in the construction of our automatic exchanges are of similar design to those supplied to the British Post Office for public exchanges.

Facilities such as round call or person finder, preference, conference, loudspeaker, tie-line working, party lines, etc., can be provided.

Dimensions of one unit: 5 feet 9 inches high x 2 feet 6 inches wide x 1 foot 6 inches deep
Further particulars on application.

Taken from the Ericsson catalogue, edition No. 49

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Last revised: April 18, 2022