Antique Copenhagen Phones

Model 1908 / Design 08
Based on a 1908 model

Introduced in 1908 this is a small desk phone generally known as the D08.  It was made by Danish firm, Telefon Fabrik Automatic A/S, and was based on an earlier phone from Zweitusch & Co. in Germany.  It was made in CB and automatic versions, in black and later ivory, and had a small call meter mounted on the top panel.

A version was also made for "demiautomatic ringing", an arrangement that used a pushbutton alternator to signal the exchange. The D08 is one of the world's classic phone designs and has been widely copied.

Expoga refurbished and resprayed the telephones.


Design 08/1
Design 08/1 or B2                                                                                                          Design B3
Design 08/2 or C2                                                                                                             Design 08/7 or I2 (special)
Design 08/6 or J2 (special)                                                                                                    Design 08/4 or T1

Design 08/5 or U1


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