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1100 & 1200 TELEPHONES

GEC Telephones 1100 and 1200

The GEC Telephone 1100 was an attempt to simplify the design of the Telephone No. 706, using a single coil ringer mechanism and a 'circuit shunt' instead of the normal current regulator.  By far the most striking change was the 'spoked' dial, which was said to make the digits more visible without resorting to a separate number ring.  The dial could be supplied to produce either 10 or 18 impulses per second.  The blank plate on top of the case was also slotted to allow for ventilation.

Two-tone grey, black and ivory.

GEC's subsidiary, the Reliance Telephone Company, certainly used them but not widely.  The product appears to have been a failure.

Catalogue Number:

See brochure photograph below.

The GEC Telephone No. 1200 was GEC's own version of the Post Office Telephone No. 706, also known as the 'New Gecophone'.

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Last revised: February 16, 2023