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Wall Pattern

As an alternative to the GECoPHONE automatic wall set, this instrument may he employed when it is desired to preserve uniformity of subscribers apparatus in an automatic system already equipped with Residence type telephones.

The component parts include a standard dial, 1000 ohm ringer, induction coil, condenser, hook switch, "Bell" type receiver and a solid back transmitter mounted on a short adjustable arm.  The finger plate of the dial is of stainless steel which preserves its appearance indefinitely.  Number rings and instruction cards of types other than those illustrated can be supplied if specially ordered.

The woodwork is of polished walnut and the front of the case is hinged to give easy access to the enclosed apparatus.  All internal connections are made by insulated wire neatly laced into a permanent cable form.  Well spaced and clearly marked connectors are provided for terminating the external wiring inside the case.

Cat. No. Description
27 Automatic Wall Telephone


Taken from the GEC Telephones and Switchboards (Manual and Automatic) Catalogue No. 11 (Circa 1936)

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Last revised: January 30, 2021