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No. 5500 TYPE

THE No. 5500 type G.E.C.-P.A.X. is used for exchanges from 400 lines upwards, and bears a closer resemblance to a public automatic exchange than to a P.A.X. of the usual type.

To these larger-size installations a separate switchroom is allotted, the switching equipment being mounted on substantial steel racks, with the individual apparatus, where necessary, protected by metal covers.

The illustration shows a view of the No. 5500 type private automatic exchange equipment supplied by The Reliance Telephone Company to Messrs. Imperial Chemical Industries, London.

The lay-out of the equipment of these larger exchanges depends so much on local conditions, that a general description is outside the scope of this publication.  On receipt of an enquiry, however, the Company will gladly prepare a detailed scheme to meet any requirements.

Taken from the GEC Private Automatic Telephone Exchanges No. 18/2 (undated)


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Last revised: November 25, 2021