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No. 5600 TYPE
Capacity:- 10 Lines

A small unit having maximum capacity of 10 lines.  The use of relays for all switching operations, in a unit of this size, gives a simple and compact arrangement of apparatus.  Simplicity of installation is a particularly notable feature.  A hinged plate, accommodating the relays, is swung forward to disclose line and power terminals.  These are of the screw type and connection is made merely by use of a screwdriver.  The unit is designed for wall mounting and is provided with a steel cover.  Telephones are connected to the unit by twin conductors if suitable earth connexions are obtainable at points adjacent to the telephones, or, alternatively, by triple conductors.

The type of instrument suitable is Telephone No. 94 (DC Ringing).

Power Plant
Operation is effected, if required, from A.C. mains, a small rectifier unit being provided to transform the supply to 8 volts.  Alternatively, batteries consisting of five cells may be employed.  Operation directly from A.C. mains or from batteries, the low operating voltage and low current consumption, constitute very attractive features of this small unit.


Cat. No. Line Circuits Link Circuits Dimensions
Wiring Equipment Wiring Equipment
5605 10 5 2 1 28 x 5.5 x 7 28
5610 10 10 2 2 28 x 5.5 x 7 37

Taken from the GEC Private Automatic Telephone Exchanges No. 18/2 (undated)


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Last revised: November 25, 2021