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Cat. No. 634 shown above

Table Pattern
For use with separate Bell Set

In design the instrument listed below is similar to the GECoPHONE self-contained set in that it consists of a black Bakelite pedestal and hand combination, but in this case the pedestal contains no apparatus other than an anti-side tone transformer and cradle switch.  Since it thus forms an incomplete unit, it is suitable only for use with a separate bell set.

The principal advantage of this arrangement is that it provides a relatively inexpensive means whereby subscribers having table instruments of earlier design employing bell sets may be given the benefit of the high transmission efficiency and convenience of the modern hand combination.

The connecting cord supplied is 54 inches in length, permitting of a direct connection between the instrument and bell set.  If the bell set is situated some distance from the telephone, a terminal strip should he ordered so that a neat junction may be effected between the cord and the permanent wiring.  The dial fitted is of the standard type, having a stainless steel finger plate which preserves its appearance indefinitely and contrasts pleasingly with the polished black surface of the instrument.  Number rings and instruction cards of types other than those illustrated can be supplied if specially ordered.

While this type of telephone has been adopted principally for use where bell sets already exist, it can also be supplied complete with Bell Set No. 922 if required.  The latter is the standard unit consisting of an induction coil, condenser and 1000 ohm ringer mounted in a polished walnut case.

Cat. No. Description
634 Automatic Table Telephone
922 Bellset
203 Terminal strip


Taken from the GEC Telephones and Switchboards (Manual and Automatic) Catalogue No. 11 (Circa 1936)

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Last revised: January 30, 2021