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Cat. No. 75 shown above

Table or Wall Pattern

The GECoPHONE subscriber's set, widely adopted as the standard instrument for both public and private automatic systems, consists of an improved type of hand combination together with a neat pedestal incorporating all auxiliary apparatus.  Since the ringer is mounted inside the pedestal, the telephone forms a self-contained unit and does not require a separate bell box.

In conjunction with a circuit of special design, it employs an inset transmitter of superior quality, ensuring a high standard of transmission efficiency and articulation and the complete elimination of howling, frying and excessive side tone.  All component parts are of simple and robust construction, and both the hand combination and pedestal case consist of black Bakelite mouldings of pleasing appearance and great durability.

The standard G.E.C. dial, with which all automatic sets in this catalogue are fitted, is universally recognised as the most reliable and efficient mechanism of its type.  Not only does it offer the advantage of lasting service with accuracy of operation but, by reason of the use of stainless steel for all exposed metal parts, its appearance is preserved indefinitely. Unless otherwise ordered the dial is supplied numbered "1" to "0" for use in conjunction with Strowger type switching equipment.  Dials for use with other types of equipment or with number rings bearing special characters can be fitted if required.

The table and wall telephones listed below are identical except in that the wall set includes a metal mounting bracket (991) and no connecting cord and terminal strip.

Fitted with an AC ringer.

Cat. No. Description
75 Automatic Table Telephone
85 Automatic Wall Telephone
991 Wall bracket only

Dimensions - 9 x 6.3 x 5.6 ins

Similar to No. 90 and No. 94 - which have DC ringers and were only used on PAX systems.

Taken from the GEC Telephones and Switchboards (Manual and Automatic) Catalogue No. 11 (Circa 1936)
and in the GEC Private Automatic Telephone Exchanges No. 18 (1932).

Known by GEC as the Gecophone.

Model No. 75 was also supplied to the Irish P&T as their Telephone No. 100D Mark 522.  The base plate will be labelled 'P&T 100D Mark 522'.  There may even be a manufacturers code and date e.g. C37, which is GEC / 1937.

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