GEC equipment as installed at Customers premises
These pictures were taken by GEC for marketing purposes

  Birmingham Press and Mail - PABX 4 ACD installation - pictures dated 1965
     Click here for information on the PABX 4

  Cavendish Hotel, London - PABX 3 Hotel installation - pictures dated 1966
     Click here for information on the PABX 3

  D. H. Evans - pictures undated

  Ford Rainham Engineering Division - Tandem & Satellite PABX Exchanges - pictures dated 1965

  Ford Dagenham - PABX 3 Tandem Switching equipment and switchboard room - pictures dated 1964

  Legal and General - P.A.X. - pictures dated 1955

  Microwave - Direct aspects of GPO Microwave installations by GEC (Pictures dated 1962- 1964)

  Queens Hotel, Leeds - pictures undated


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Last revised: June 22, 2019