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These are pictures from the G.E.C. Stoke Works in Coventry, Great Britain, known as the Telephone Works.

They show some of the works and some of the people who worked there.  What must be remembered is that the UK was once a manufacturing country and these people were actually producing real products with their own hands - not like most UK industry today!

The only information on these pictures are in the captions - there is no other information about these pictures, so if you have anything to offer about the processes involved or the people in the pictures, then please contact the author.

Click here for a pictorial record of the Telephone Works,  Coventry


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Aycliffe Factory

People at Work

Carbon Room - Pictures taken around 1949

Receiver and Transmitter assembly - Pictures dated 1951

Telephone Assembly and Manufacture - Pictures dated 1950 and 1951

The factory buildings

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Last revised: December 15, 2022