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K 210


Waterproof Iron Cased Mining Telephone

This Telephone consists of 'Hunningscone-Deckert' Transmitter, Automatic Switch, Ringing Key, Induction Coil, and Connecting Terminals, the whole mounted on an Ebonite Slab and enclosed in Cast Iron Case.

The Case is rendered watertight by the insertion of an India rubber washer between the removable front plate and edge of Case. The Connecting Terminals are provided with a short length of heavily insulated wire drawn through India rubber tubing. This connecting wire is brought from the Case through a hole bushed with Ebonite, and screwed to take a brass cap, which, when screwed up tightly round the India rubber tubing, makes a thoroughly watertight joint.

The Receiver is in a heavy Gun-metal Case, and its Conductors are protected from injury by a flexible Phosphor Bronze armouring.

Cost in 1904 - £6.0.0


Taken from the G.E.C. Illustrated Telephone Catalogue 9th edition (1904)

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