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K 655


Patent Loud-Speaking Naval Telephones for Battleships, Cruisers, etc.

As supplied to His Majesty's Navy.

As shown fitted with Patent Watertight Transmitter, etc.

The above illustrations represent a Telephone Combination, numbers of which have been supplied to the British, Japanese Argentina and other Governments (many thousands to the British Admiralty, and have given every satisfaction.  This apparatus is also largely used by the White Star, Canard, Union-Castle.  Holland American, and other steamship lines.  All contacts are of platinum.  Good workmanship and efficient working we are prepared to guarantee.

The method of rotating the Transmitter avoids packing and secures efficient working.

Prices on application.

Taken from the G.E.C. Illustrated Telephone Catalogue 9th edition (1904)

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Last revised: January 23, 2011