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K 803

Hand Combination

Consisting of Watertight Microphone and Receiver, with Flexible Conductors, terminating in a 4-Way Plug, which fits the Plug Socket of K 700.

Price was 1.8.6.

K 804

Polished Teak Box

With Hinged Lid, arranged to contain one K 803.

This Box is intended to be carried on the Car, so that in case of need the Car Conductor has immediate access to the Telephone.

Box only.
Price was 0.10.6.

Dimensions 11.5 in. by 5.75 in. by 3.5 in.

The illustration shows K 803 and K 804 combined.

Peel Conner Traction Telephone Systems

Taken from the G.E.C. Illustrated Telephone Catalogue 9th edition (1904)

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