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Consisting of a “Solid Back” Central Battery type Transmitter, with Adjustable Knuckle Joint, Automatic Switch Hook with pure Platinum Contacts, Terminals mounted on a fibre Block fixed to base of Telephone, Double-pole “Bell” Receiver in ‘‘Unbreakable” Ebonite Case with enclosed Terminals, and Green Silk-covered Flexible Receiver Cord.

A Flexible Connecting Cord 6 foot long is also provided for attachment to the Bell Box.

The base of the Telephone is of Pressed Steel, Stove-enamelled, with a Leather Ring fastened to the base to prevent injury to desk or table when the Telephone is in use.

All external Brass work heavily Nickel-plated, and no part of the electrical connections are in contact with the body of the Telephone.

Needs a bell box to function correctly.

Price in 1908 was £2.2.0

Taken from the GEC Telephone Catalogue, K Section, 10th Edition, 1908

Note: This phone is a Stromberg Carlson telephone and it is possible that GEC bought these in and resold then under their name.


Peel Conner Electro-Magnetic
Central Battery Phone

Table pattern "Candlestick" telephone fitted with long distance speaking solid back transmitter and "bell" shaped receiver.

Case of black enamelled pressed steel.

Needs a bell box to function correctly.

1926 model shown to the right.

Cost in 1916 was £2.2.6
Cost in 1926 was £2.19.0

Taken from the 1916 and 1926 GEC catalogues

See also Peel Conner Desk Stand


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