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Each Spring Jack and Line Annunciator is self-contained, and made in the form of a small box, so that should any repairs he necessary, all that is required is to take out the securing screws and the whole movement comes away without having any loose wires to deal with, and in restoring the movement there is not the slightest hesitation as to how the connections should be made, there being only one possible way.

The number of Through Switching Plugs and Cords varies according to the number of stations or routes which have to be dealt with, and each pair of Through Cords is provided with a visible clearing signal, which normally shows 'clear,' but while two lines are put through and conversation is taking place shows 'speaking.' The simple restoring of the telephones by the persons at the sub stations, who have been conversing, returns the clearing signal again to 'clear,' and at the same time rings a small bell, this audibly indicating that the conversation is finished.

The method of operating is extremely simple.

The Switchboard as a whole is intended to be used with a Central Battery. For this purpose about 24 cells will be required. These can be arranged in two sets of batteries each with 10 cells, one for calling and the other for speaking, and a third set of 4 Bells for ringing the local call bell. The Generator is capable of ringing through 20,000 ohms resistance, and the board is sent out absolutely complete, ready to connect up the line wires and the batteries These connections are very simple, but a blue print will be supplied giving the fullest possible information.

Taken from the GEC Telephone Catalogue, K Section, 10th Edition, 1908

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