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50 Line P.A.X. Floor Pattern

The Peel-Conner P.A.X represents the latest development in automatic telephony. it is the ideal system for intercommunication in large offices, works, banks, hospitals, institutions, department stores, theatres, etc.

Rapid intercommunication between all departments.
Secrecy of communication.
Audible signal, if called line is engaged.
No operator required.
24 hours' service.
Only 2 wires required to connect a telephone.
No separate switchboard room necessary.
Cheap to install
Simple to operate.
Easy to maintain.

Fire alarm service.
General code call.
Conference lines.
Party lines.
Secretary's service.
Executive control.

All apparatus is mounted on an iron frame, and is enclosed in a hardwood cabinet with glazed door to allow easy access to the switches and relays in the front and a -removable wood panel at the rear make the wiring readily accessible.

This P.A.X. unit can be equipped for any number of lines from 15 to 50, and can be extended beyond 50 lines by adding further cabinets.

Made in 2 finishes - Standard and Tropicalised.

External overall dimensions:- 8ft. 1in. high by 2ft. 7in. wide by 1ft. 7in. deep.

Taken from the 1926 GEC catalogue

Additional Pictures of the K8381 - 50 Line PAX

Front view with door closed Rear view with door removed

The pictures above were from GEC Factory files dated circa 1927

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