gec.gif (1164 bytes)GEC K8387


Automatic Telephone

k8387.gif (33560 bytes)Table pattern automatic telephone comprising Bakelite hand combination without key in handle, fitted with improved type of inset transmitter, which can readily be removed if necessary, also superior quality receiver, polarised call bell (AC) wound to 1000 ohms resistance, BPO dial, condenser, automatic switch cradle, flexible cord and wall terminal strip.

Case of single black Bakelite moulding, with stainless steel finger plate.

Known by GEC as the Gecophone.

Weight - 6lb.

Dimensions - 9.25in x 5.75in x 6.75in.

Click here for circuit diagrams and how to convert to work in the UK

Taken from the 1932 and 1935 GEC catalogues

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Last revised: January 28, 2022