gec.gif (1164 bytes)GEC K8389

K 8389

Automatic Telephone

Table pattern automatic telephone comprising Bakelite hand combination without key in handle, fitted with improved type of inset transmitter, which can readily be removed if necessary, also superior quality receiver, D.C. ringer in lieu of A.C. ringer, automatic switch cradle, P.O. dial, flexible cord and wall terminal strip.

The receiver was electro-magnetic and this was connected in parallel with the transmitter.  The handset cord was two wire.

Case of single black Bakelite moulding, with stainless steel finger plate.

This telephone connected via three wires.

Used on the K8393 and K8394 PAX's.

Known by GEC as the Gecophone.

Introduced circa 1931.

Weight - 6lb.

Dimensions - 9.25in x 5.75in x 6.75in.

Diagram KS7302.

This telephone cannot be used on UK telephone lines.

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See also the GEC No. 90 and ST1501

Additional Pictures



The Induction Coil above looks like an added extra!


Base plate showing DC Bell and terminal strip
This bell may be a replacement and the resistor is missing


Circuit diagram KS7355





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