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This unit is similar in appearance to the switch-board K8396, but whereas the ultimate capacity of the latter is limited to that of the individual unit, the K8397, beginning with as few as 25 lines, is capable of practically indefinite extension by the addition further units.

A 100-line switchboard comprises two 50-line units of the type illustrated, suitably inter-connected.  When more than 100 lines are connected,  Group Selector equipment is provided, in addition to the necessary line units.  Being mounted in compact units of convenient size, the whole equipment can be arranged to occupy minimum floor space.  It is mounted on a steel framework and enclosed in a floor pattern cabinet of well-seasoned polished hardwood.  The glass-panelled front of cabinet is hinged and fitted with a lock.  A lift-out panel is fitted at the rear so as to give easy access to the wiring, etc. 

A twin conductor only is required to connect an instrument to the switchboard.

No of lines Weight (lbs) Dimensions (ins)
25 378 73 x 30.5 x 20
30 403 73 x 30.5 x 20
40 420 73 x 30.5 x 20
50 442 73 x 30.5 x 20

Instruments suitable for use with this switchboard are the K8384/5 and K8387/8.

Taken from the 1932 catalogue and the GEC Catalogue Everything Electrical - 1935 edition

Also found in the Peel Conner Bulletin No. 8 dated 1926 and the GEC Bulletin No. 8 dated 1928

Additional Pictures

Front view


Rear view


Group selector cabinet


Group selector cabinet


Group selector cabinet



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