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MT 3101, MT 3102, MT 3201 & MT 3202


MT3101 (Standard) or MT3201 (Tropical) MT3102 (Standard) or MT3202 (Tropical)

Loudspeaking Telephone
A loudspeaking telephone is of great convenience to the user, who can sit back and conduct a telephone conversation almost exactly as if the other person were in the same room. Both hands are left free as there is no receiver to hold.  The outgoing speech is picked up by a super-sensitive microphone which is mounted in its own neat little cabinet so that it can be positioned anywhere on the desk. Incoming, speech is reproduced on the loudspeaker and can be clearly heard even at some distance.  The loudspeaker is housed in an attractive polished hardwood cabinet.  When the handset, which is mounted at the side, is used, it cuts out the loudspeaker so that no other person in the room can hear the reply. A warning lamp acts as a reminder to switch off at the end of a conversation.  The amplifier (not illustrated) operates from A.C. mains supply and amplifies both incoming and outgoing speech.

Loudspeaking Telephone with Key-calling
For the busy executive the ultimate in convenience is provided by the G.E.C. Loudspeaking Telephone with key-calling.  Ten keys are labelled with the names of selected parties, any one of whom is called simply by depression of the appropriate key.

All other parties on the system can be called in the usual way by dialling.

Taken from the GEC Catalogue 18/4






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Last revised: January 27, 2011