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The GEC 4+25/8+50 Line

Private Automatic Branch Exchange

Providing intercommunication between 25 extensions with connexion to four public exchange lines, this G.E.C. P.A.B.X. may be readily extended by the addition of a second automatic equipment unit to accommodate 50 extensions with eight public exchange connexions.

The cordless-type Attendant's Cabinet facilitates the simple and rapid transfer of exchange calls to any extension.

  • Automatic connexion between extensions.

  • Direct access to public exchange available to all or selected extensions as desired.

  • Key-calling equipment enables attendant to extend rapidly incoming calls from public exchange to the required extensions.

  • Trunk-offering facility provided at attendant's cabinet.

  • Automatic transfer and callback facilities on public exchange calls available to all or selected extensions.

  • Attendant call facility available to all extensions.

  • Each exchange line may be switched to a selected extension when attendant is not on duty.

  • Initial equipment unit and extension unit identical in size and construction, enclosed in steel dust-proof cabinets 6' 10" x 1' 11.5" x 1' 8".

  • Attendant's cabinet of sheet metal construction, designed for table mounting.


 Catalogue Numbers

Type 1st Cabinet 2nd Cabinet
4+25 Line PB2501 (Standard) PB2601 (Tropical)    
8+50 Line PB2501 (Standard) PB2601 (Tropical) PB2502 (Standard) Cat. No.  PB2602 (Tropical)


An advert for these models can be found in GEC Telecommunications Number 15, November 1952


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