Central Battery
Hand-Combination Telephone

Suitable for either Wall or Desk Service

This Telephone has been designed to meet the requirements of those who prefer the "Hand-combination" type to that employing a fixed Transmitter and separate Receiver.

Its conception is noteworthy by reason of unique design, fewness of working parts, ease of accessibility, and high efficiency under working conditions, combined with great mechanical strength.

Fig 1 top - Fig 2 bottom  

Illustration No. 1 shows the Telephone dismantled, which is accomplished by the simple action of unscrewing the four hexagonal nuts situated at the corners of the base, No. 2 as a Desk Set complete, and No. 3 as a Wall Instrument, the change from the former to the latter being effected by the affixing of two small standard brackets. The advantages of being able to utilise one type of Telephone which adapts itself to Wall or Desk service are many and valuable, especially to those whose stocking facilities are limited, or where the outlay of money has to be carefully considered, for it enables stock to become elastic while assisting to keep it down in volume, reduces to a minimum the types of spare parts necessary for maintenance, and makes easy the despatch of a Wall or Desk instrument by the stocking of a few spare brackets.

A careful examination of illustration No. 1 renders a long description of the working parts unnecessary, and we therefore propose to emphasise a few features only.

The Base on which the apparatus is mounted, also the Cover, are made of pressed steel finished with special enamel which will not flake off or chip under any normal working condition.

The Ringer, Switch, Condenser, and other associative parts are exactly similar to those used on our well-known regular lines of Central Battery Instruments, consequently spares for maintenance purposes are always available from stock.

In this we present a piece of apparatus which has the distinctive feature of possessing all the advantages that obtain with Switches of this type, without any of the drawbacks.

Its action is ABSOLUTELY POSITIVE whether the Hand - combination be merely suspended on one of the Cradle Hooks or placed at rest across both as shown in the illustration; this is brought about by the Cradle having independent bearings on either side, which not only ensures positive and easy operation combined with strength, but also entirely eliminates the binding action which is an inherent defect with all Cradle Switches of the single-column style.

The Hand-combination is fitted with our Electro-Magnetic Receiver and solid-back Transmitter, both designed upon the exact lines of similar apparatus used in connection with our standard Desk Telephone illustrated in Bulletin No. 2.

The Peel-Conner Electro-Magnetic Circuit with its associative apparatus has made a reputation, earned distinction, and secured the confidence of the majority of large Telephone users both at Home and Abroad. We guarantee efficiency, and repeat orders convince us that our numerous customers are satisfied.

The Hand-combination Cord is of our special high insulation moisture resisting type, so that the Telephone can be used equally well for normal or tropical service.

Circuit Diagram, Table of Dimensions and Weights, and necessary Code Words for ordering are given below.

Schedule for Ordering

Code No. Overall Dimensions Approx. Nett Weight
Height Width Depth
150 7.1 ins. 10.1 ins. 4 ins. 5-lbs.



11.3 ins. 10.1 ins. 4 ins. 5-lbs. 8-ozs.



4.245 ins. 1 in. 4.25 ins. 8-ozs. the pair



Taken from the Peel Conner Telephone Works Ltd Bulletin No. 2A - dated 1915

See also the GEC K8166 telephone

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