Magneto Desk Telephones

The picture illustrates the Peel-Conner Desk Set which consists of our standard Desk Stand connected to a Generator Box (which can be mounted on either side of the desk) by a three - conductor cord. This instrument differs considerably from the ordinary run of Magneto Desk Telephones, inasmuch as the Generator, Ringer and Induction Coil are separately housed in a box which can be moved and fixed at will. This leaves the Desk Stand itself very light, and quite easy to move from place to place.

The above are stocked fully equipped as follows:-
Complete with 1000 ohm Ringer and 3 or 4-Magnet Generator.
Complete with 1600 ohm Ringer and 5-Magnet Generator.

The Circuits are wired to our Standard Bridging, Bridging Silent Ring, or Bridging Sure Ring, as illustrated below and these, as in our other Sets, can be changed over from one to the other by the simplest possible means.

MAGNETO DESK SET, compete, is shown to the right.

Magneto Desk Stand

We beg to draw particular attention to the neat appearance of this Instrument. The Pillar is made of heavy gauge Steel Tube absolutely uniform in contour, the Base Cover is of finest pressed steel, and the Base itself of cast iron, the whole being finished with a special enamel of glossy surface, which will neither chip nor flake under the roughest usage. The Transmitter is of our standard solid back type mounted on a Knuckle Joint which is capable of adjustment to suit the height of the person using the instrument. The Hook Switch and Terminals are mounted on a mild steel stamping, heavily zinc-plated to prevent rusting, the stamping being secured to the base by a special screw which cannot be removed. To view the contents, merely loosen this screw, and lift the Transmitter upwards.

The Hook Lever is attached to the body stamping by a spring, a simple pressure on which allows the two to come apart immediately. The lever can be permanently fixed by merely pushing home, but it cannot be removed without taking the Set apart. The Receiver and Desk Cords connected to the Desk Stand are passed through a bushed hole in the Base Cover thus preventing undue wear by coming in contact with the sharp edge of the steel.

In concluding this description we would lay stress upon the fact that no part of the framework of this Desk Stand forms part of the electrical circuit.

Code No. 655. Approximate Weight, 5.25 lbs.

Generator Box

These are made in two sizes, one to take a 3-Magnet Generator, and the other to accommodate a 4 or 5-Magnet Generator. We do not propose to schedule or describe the details, as both Cabinet Work and Apparatus are identical with that employed in the "Shortphone" with the exception that the Transmitter, Receiver, and Hook Switch are omitted, these being mounted on the Desk Stand.

The Standard Woodwork is American Black Walnut, but when required for tropical climates this can be supplied in Teak of similar appearance to the "Tropical" Set and equipped with the same apparatus.

These are shown below, and the various complete equipments are stocked as per the schedules.


Generator Boxes - Schedule for Ordering table

Code No. Circuit Cabinet Ringer Generator Telephone "Shortphone" Type Approx Weight without batteries
Resistance Code No. Type Code No. Lbs. Ozs.
383 Bridging Walnut 1000 C100A 3-Magnet C103 9 8
384 Bridging, Silent Ring Walnut 1000 C100A 3-Magnet C103 9 8
483 Bridging Walnut 1000 C100A 4-Magnet C100 11 12
484 Bridging, Silent Ring Walnut 1000 C100A 4-Magnet C100 11 12
583 Bridging Walnut 1600 C110C 5-Magnet C101 12 12
584 Bridging, Silent Ring Walnut 1600 C100C 5-Magnet C101 12 12
585 Bridging, Sure Ring Walnut 1600 C100C 5-Magnet C101 13 -
493 Tropical Teak 1600 C100B 4-Magnet C102 9 9


Complete Desk Sets - Schedule for Ordering table

Code No. for complete set Code No. for desk set only Circuit Code No. for generator box Approx Weight without batteries
Lbs. Ozs.
363 655 Bridging 383 14 12
364 655 Bridging, Silent Ring 384 14 12
463 655 Bridging 483 17 -
464 655 Bridging, Silent Ring 484 17 -
563 655 Bridging 583 18 -
564 655 Bridging, Silent Ring 584 18 -
565 655 Bridging, Sure Ring 585 18 4
473 655 Tropical 493 14 12


Taken from the Peel Conner Telephone Works Ltd Bulletin No. 1 - dated 1910

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