Magneto Mining Telephone

THIS Telephone has been specially designed to comply with the latest regulations imposed by the Home Office, and is guaranteed to be "EXPLOSION PROOF".

Its construction combines the greatest mechanical strength with ease of access to all working parts, the latter being mounted in a minimum of space, which keeps down the total weight of the Telephone and also limits the area in which it is possible for gas to accumulate. The face of both lid and case has a special r-in. machined flange which gives an ample surface for effectively cooling any hot gases generated by an internal explosion ; all apparatus is carefully mounted and thoroughly insulated from the case or lid.

Mounted and ready for service Telephone open for inspection

Special Light Tropical Model 4-Magnet Generator.
Polarised Ringer, i,600-ohms, with hammer rod working through a gas-tight gland.
Switch, actuated by raising the Receiver Earcap to the ear.
Induction Coil; Primary, 1 ohm. ; Secondary, 25 ohms.
Transmitter, solid back type, with diaphragm protected by fine-meshed brass gauze.
Bell Receiver, 120 ohms resistance, with outside armoured flexible metal tube.
Two High Efficiency Dry Cells.

The connections are brought through the Case to an integral Terminal Box - thus line connections can be made without opening the Telephone.

The Terminal Box also provides extra terminals for fitting an Extension Bell if desired.

The service conditions of a Mining Telephone include rough usage, and frequently, abuse : the instrument now illustrated has been designed to meet with and work under these conditions.

"Tropical Set" Style Telephone - Schedule for Ordering table

Code No. Overall Dimensions Approx Weight
Height Width Depth Lbs. Ozs.
680 1'    7" 1'    2" 10.75" 80 0


Taken from the Peel Conner Telephone Works Ltd Bulletin No. 1A - dated 1915

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Last revised: January 24, 2011