This telephone has been designed to meet the requirements of residences or places where wall space is limited, and a memoranda shelf unnecessary. Although considerably smaller than the other wall pattern instruments, the apparatus employed is identical, and this set will do the work of the larger types with the same degree of efficiency. It contains all the talking and signalling apparatus except the battery, which can be placed in the most convenient position away from the instrument.

The Cabinet is made from carefully selected American black walnut with a high-class finish, and is standardised in two sizes, one for accommodating a three-magnet generator, and the other for equipments requiring a four or five-magnet generator. Figs. 16 and 17 illustrate the first mentioned, and Fig. 18 shows the larger size Cabinet open and equipped with a 5-magnet generator. From the last two illustrations it will be readily perceived that the front of the Cabinet is very firmly sustained by four connection hinges; the connections to the ringer and transmitter are taken separately through these, thus making a simple and neat job of the wiring. The Hook Switch is so located that upon replacing the Receiver, it becomes impossible to hit and consequently damage the cap.

Polished Walnut Cabinet, fitted with terminals for wiring to a separate Battery


Open view, showing equipment with 3-Magnet Generator, 100 ohm Ringer, and Hook Switch for Series Working
Open view, showing equipment with 4 or 5-Magnet Generator, 1,000 or 1,600 ohm Ringer, and Hook Switch for Bridging Working

The Backboard is fitted with Terminals for connecting the Line Wires, Earth Connection, Transmitter, Battery, extra Receiver, and Extension Bell, each being plainly marked, so that errors in connecting up are quite impossible. The wiring is placed in grooves cut into the woodwork, and the material used is high-conductivity tinned copper.

Figs. 19 and 20 show the overall dimensions of these Sets

The above-mentioned set is particularly adaptable for shipment abroad on account of the small amount of space occupied in packing, and consequent saving of freight charges.


We stock these telephones wired to the various circuits illustrated on the next page, and fitted with apparatus as per the table. The circuits are similar to those used on the "Compact" type, but have the additional provision of connections for Extension Bell and extra Receiver.

"Shortphone" Style Telephone Circuits


"Shortphone" Style Telephone - Schedule for Ordering table

Code No. Circuit Generator Ringer Hook Switch Code No. Approx Weight without batteries
Type Code No. Resistance Code No. Lbs. Ozs.
330 Series 3-Magnet C103 100 C101A C104B 11 8
331 Series, Silent Ring 3-Magnet C103 100 C101A C104B 11 8
333 Bridging 3-Magnet C103 1000 C100A C100B 11 8
334 Bridging, Silent Ring 3-Magnet C103 1000 C100A C100B 11 8
433 Bridging 4-Magnet C100 1000 C100A C100B 13 8
434 Bridging, Silent Ring 4-Magnet C100 1000 C100A C100B 13 8
533 Bridging 5-Magnet C101 1600 C100C C100B 14 8
534 Bridging, Silent Ring 5-Magnet C101 1600 C100C C100B 14 8

Cells are not included in any of the above equipments


Taken from the Peel Conner Telephone Works Ltd Bulletin No. 1 - dated 1910

See also GEC K8030

Telephone Parts

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