"Tropical Set"

The development of this telephone is the outcome of a long and varied experience in manufacturing for the special demands of tropical climates, and we feel justified in giving it the strongest recommendation to intending purchasers of this class of telephone, in view of the fact that no complaint has ever been received, although many thousands of this Set have been supplied.

Polished Teak Reinforced Cabinet
Open for inspection, showing complete accessibility of apparatus and wiring

The Cabinet is made of finest selected "old stock" teak well seasoned, kiln dried, strongly jointed and screwed together; the corners are additionally strengthened by solid brass reinforcing plates, heavily nickel-plated and polished, secured by screws of a similar description.

All the apparatus is of our usual high-grade standard and is exactly similar to that employed on our other sets, excepting that the Ringer and Receiver Bobbins, Induction Coil, and Generator Armature are carefully wound with high conductivity copper wire, heavily coated with a special enamel. This has been found to give a better and higher insulation resistance than any form of covering adopted or advised hitherto.

The Generator is of the 4-magnet type and is specially manufactured for this work; it is of light but durable construction, and contains all the features necessary to long life and efficient working under the most severe conditions. The soft iron pole shoes are heavily copper-plated and the magnets stove-enamelled.

Fig. 27
Bridging Telephone Circuit

All exposed metal parts on this set are heavily nickel-plated and polished, while the interior metal fittings are suitably electro-plated; brass screws only are used throughout.
The wiring is of tinned copper laid in grooves cut into the solid wood, which gives absolute security against wiring troubles, and the Receiver Cord is specially constructed to resist absorption of atmospheric moisture.

The telephone is wired to the Bridging circuit with a 1000 ohm Ringer as illustrated in Fig. 27.

For shipment the Hook Switch Lever, Generator Handle, and Transmitter Mouthpiece are removable, and the overall dimensions are the same as Fig. 19.

"Tropical Set" Style Telephone - Schedule for Ordering table

Code No. Circuit Generator Ringer Hook Switch Code No. Approx Weight without batteries
Type Code No. Resistance Code No. Lbs. Ozs.
443 Bridging 4-Magnet C102 1000 C100B C100B 11 8


Taken from the Peel Conner Telephone Works Ltd Bulletin No. 1 - dated 1910

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