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ST 4101 - ST 4102, ST 4201 - ST 4202
TEL/1C and TEL/2C

In 1955 GEC decided to renumber all their telephones and to start with the prefix TEL.  The ST 41xx and ST 42xx series, which was the original part number range for the this series of phones were part of this renumbering.  Please see the table below for more information.


A compact wall telephone, designed for use with all types of magneto switchboards.

The telephone is completely self-contained. The case and writing shelf are of well-seasoned polished oak and the front is hinged to provide easy access to the interior, which is divided into two compartments. The ringing generator, induction coil, bell, and switch-hook springset are all mounted in the upper compartment. The lower compartment can accommodate two dry cells.

The ringing generator is of sturdy and compact design, embodying the latest Alnico magnet. The handset is the well-known Gecophone moulded Bakelite pattern, with inset-type transmitter and receiver. The handset cord is overall braided and
the conductors are made from tinsel that withstands 200,000 reciprocations without fracture, giving a long service life under most exacting conditions.

The switch-hook, of British Post Office standard pattern, is brass, heavily coated with a durable plastic.

The transmitter and receiver are British Post Office standards, and the high-efficiency speech circuit gives maximum volume with excellent frequency response and sidetone suppression.

The ringing generator is designed to give high output for very small bulk. For very long multiparty lines a higher-output generator is available.

Tropical Model
G.E.C. telephones required for service in tropical climates incorporate the following special features:-

  • All woodwork is well-seasoned teak, oiled and waxed ; which is specially resistant to damp, insects and fungi.
  • All metal parts are specially finished, and wiring is specially treated, to resist the effects of high humidity and salt-laden atmospheres.
  • All coils are treated to render them impervious to damp, heat and sudden changes in temperature.
  • Cord conductors are V.I.R. covered and braided overall, and there is rubber protection at the entry to the handset moulding. Since textile bindings are not in contact with conductors, moisture absorption cannot cause leakage.

Magnet dry cells (made by the G.E.C.) are particularly suitable for use with this telephone. There are active and inert types suitable for service in either tropical or temperate climates.

Extension Bell
A magneto extension bell in the G.E.C. Cat. No. BE 1100 series (Standard) or BE 1200 series (Tropical) is recommended for use with this telephone, to provide calling signals at a distant point, indoors or out, or to augment calling signals in very noisy surroundings.

Length:  l8.4" (46.7 cms)
Width:  8.6" (21.9 cms)
Depth:  6.75" (17.1 cms)

Weight:  13 lbs. (5.9 kgms)

Catalogue Numbers

1946 Catalogue Numbers 1955 Catalogue Numbers Description
ST 4101 TEL/1C/MWS Normal duty generator, Standard
ST 4102 TEL/1C/MWS/1 Heavy duty generator, Standard
ST 4201 TEL/2C/MWT Normal duty generator, Tropical
ST 4202 TEL/2C/MWT/1 Heavy duty generator, Tropical

Taken from the GEC Catalogue Leaflet No. STL 6

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