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This instrument is intended for use underground in a coal mine, but is equally suitable in other situations where rough usage is anticipated, provided no dangerous atmosphere (other than methane) exists.

Certificate of intrinsic safety for methane, No. T/TEL 17, certified by the Ministry of Power.

Height - 19.25in. (48.89cm) 
Width - 14.25in. (36.19cm) 
Depth - 10.75in. (27.30cm)

Approx. Weight
80lb. (36.3kg.)

The instrument case is a very strong iron casting, the front hinged and secured to the body by hexagon head bolts for which a spanner is provided.  A chamber is fitted to the base containing line and extension bell terminals, with two screwed entries to take cable glands.  The generator, which has 'Alnico' magnets, is coupled to a substantial handle via a canvas drive and watertight gland.  The 1000 ohm polarised ringer operates a 6inch gong.  The inset transmitter is fitted in an iron chamber on the front, protected by metal gauze.  An inset receiver inside the case operates via a flexible metallic tube to an acoustic earpiece.  When the listening tube is lifted to the ear it actuates (via a watertight gland in the case) a cam which operates the switch springs controlling the speaking battery and receiver circuits.  Two BA 4935 G.E.C. dry cells are mounted in metal containers on the inside of the door.  A suitable extension bell is the K 8312 type.

See also K8100, which was the earlier Catalogue number for this phone.


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Last revised: November 06, 2022