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Telephone similar to the GPO No. 706 telephone.

Front view with case, dial finger plate and number plate removed.
The left hand bell gong is missing.
Side view showing capacitor (1.8uf and 0.9uf in one can).  Bell ringer is in the centre.
Side view showing switch hook springs and induction coil.  The bell gong is missing on this side.
The horizontal piece of metal on the upstand is for latching the switch hooks down when the case is removed.
Note the small plastic block on the base of the phone, to the left of the orange wire.  If the base was used on a CB Telephone (i.e. no dial) then the pink and orange dial wires were terminated under the small screw and the blue, brown and grey dial wires were each pushed into one of the three holes.
The base of the phone, with the later recessed feet


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Last revised: August 29, 2011