Loud Classic Style Corded

  • Hearing aid compatible

  • Adjustable receiving volume control: up to 30dB

  • Adjustable receiving tone control: +/- 10dB

  • Outgoing speech amplification: +/- 3dB

  • 3 one touch memories

  • Extra amplification On/Off

  • Visual bright ringer indicator

  • Visual red extra amplification indicator

  • Automatic hang up function

  • Numeric keypad to program SOS number and the 2 direct memories

  • Possibility to Automatically Dial to one number when Handset is Picked Up

  • Time break recall (100ms, 300ms)

  • Ringer: 4 levels

  • Extra loud ringer: 70dB with batteries

  • Size: 15.5 x 8.5 x 18.5 cm

  • 4 x AA alkaline batteries for extra ring amplification and turn on the mechanical ringer



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Last revised: April 11, 2021