Clearsound Megaphone

Clearsound Megaphone
Telephone for the Hard of Hearing

The Megafone's patented DirectVibe pulsator transduces sound waves via bone conduction, by passing the conventional auditory process. By placing the DirectVibe pulsator at strategic locations on your head, sound vibrations travel from the pulsator to the speech recognition centre in your brain. Users can hear clearly without the static and background noises that are common with amplified phones.

  • DirectVibe Pulsator
  • Visual Ringer Lights when phone rings
  • Ringer and Sound Volume Controls
  • Last Number Redial
  • Recall Function
  • Mute Facility
  • Hands Free Dialling
  • Large Keypad for Dialling Ease
  • Functions as a conventional telephone
  • Colour: White




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Last revised: April 13, 2021