Florence and Florence 10

Florence (Early model)
Corded Telephone

  • Loop Disconnect (PULSE) or Multi Frequency (TONE)

  • Time Break Recall

  • Mute Button

  • Hearing aid compatible

  • Ringer On/Off Switch

  • Last number redial

  • Colours: Blue, Grey Marble, Pink, White, Peach Marble, Parchment, Orchid and Green

Taken from a 1993 catalogue

Florence (Later model)
Corded Telephone

  • Simple telephone operation with ability to make calls to the 999 or 112 Emergency Services

  • Multi Frequency (TONE) dialling

  • Time Break Recall

  • Four direct memories

  • Ten 'two touch' memory locations

  • Ringer HI/LO/OFF Switch

  • Pause entry in dialling sequence

  • Reversable handset position

  • Automatic storage of last number dialled

  • Colours: Grey Marble, Parchment, Peach Marble and White

Taken from a 1993 catalogue

1993 Model

1990 Model

Florence 10
Corded Telephone

  • Time break recall

  • Pulse and Tone dialling

  • Last Number Redial

  • Mute

  • Ringer control

  • PABX Compatible

  • 2 direct memories

  • 10 indirect memories

  • REN 1

  • Hearing Aid compatible

  • Colours: White and Racing green

Taken from a 1997 catalogue


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Last revised: April 12, 2021