The Generator No. 26AP was part of the a large range of Generator No. 26's.  The AP suffix designating the variation.

The case is made of Bakelite and is fixed to the base by 4 large headed screws.  These screws are placed in the side of the case to allow the generator to be screwed to a desk or shelf.

This Generator has a capacitor which is located under the generator.

The case is removed by loosening the 4 screws on the sides of the case and removing the handle.  The handle is removed by turning, sharply, anticlockwise.

Front view

Rear view



Internal side view showing the capacitor mounted under the generator assembly

View of the base



Internal view showing the terminal strip and contact set

Internal view showing the threaded spindle where the handle locates

Dismantled Generator No. 26AP

Circuit Diagram

Many thanks to David Higgs for the pictures.

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Last revised: February 28, 2021