GENTS 2036

"Electromatic" Intercommunication Telephone (CB)


The Electromatic telephone is a modern Bakelite-cased instrument having an internal bell and a selector switch mounted on front of case. A push button for signalling to other telephones projects from base at right hand side.  One central battery of 4 dry cells is required for the installation from which ringing and speaking current is drawn. 

To communicate with another telephone on the system, selector switch is moved to the desired position and ringing push button is pressed.  The bell in the called telephone will then ring and communication can begin by lifting the handsets and speaking in the usual way.  When the conversation is finished there is no need to reset the selector switch.

Multicore cable is required between telephones and this cable must be of the type which has a pair of special heavy gauge wires for the battery leads.  Each telephone is supplied with 6 ft. of flexible cable and Bakelite rosette.

Brackets are available for wall mounting.

Available in 5, 10 and 15 line models.

Note: Gents bought Gecophone component parts, handsets and cases from GEC.

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5 way model


Typical GEC Gecophone base plate



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Last revised: April 11, 2022